Corticosteroids are powerful medications that can sometimes have side effects. There’s no evidence to suggest that using a steroid inhaler during pregnancy increases the risk of problems like birth defects. You can usually continue to use this as normal while you’re pregnant. If you’re having an operation, you might need to stop your steroids.

  • If you remember after they have gone to bed, do not give them the missed dose.
  • Your cancer doctor or nurse can explain the risk of these side effects to you.
  • Patients with severe asthma are a group in which measurement may be particularly useful.
  • Steroids can sometimes affect diabetes, high blood pressure or epilepsy, so you’ll have your blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked from time to time.

It might build up in your face, giving your face a more rounded or puffy appearance. Any side effects of steroids are usually short-term and gradually improve once you stop taking them. If you have an operation or any dental work in the future, let the anaesthetist or dentist know beforehand that you’ve had steroid treatment.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Most available drug treatments for osteoporosis have been specifically tested to ensure they benefit people taking steroids. This includes risedronate, alendronic acid, zoledronic acid, denosumab and teriparatide. The information on this page may be helpful if you take, or are about to start taking, a steroid medication that has been prescribed by a healthcare professional. For most people, the benefits of taking steroids will outweigh any harmful effect on their bones.

  • If you have any pain in your bones, such as in your lower back, tell your doctor.
  • Effects on your mood can happen quite suddenly and improve once you stop taking steroids.
  • Steroids cause a rise in the level of sugar in your blood, and insulin lowers the level.
  • Treatment with steroids may cause changes in mood – you may feel very high or very low.

Other ways to keep your bones healthy include not smoking, and not drinking more than the recommended amount of alcohol. Steroids can cause thinning of the skin, which can make you bruise more easily than usual – this is further increased if you have thrombocytopenia. They can also make your skin more oily, which can cause spots (acne) – this is more common on the face, back and chest, and in younger people. The change in metabolism can also temporarily affect your body’s storage of fat.

Why is it important for my child to take Prednisolone?

However, prolonged treatment at high doses can cause problems in some people. Some studies in adults suggest a link between long-term inhaled steroid use and an increased risk of breaking bones. But it isn’t clear whether steroids are to blame, as the increased risk may be partly due to the lung disease itself, or to related factors such as smoking or an inactive lifestyle. Steroids can increase your blood pressure (hypertension), which can lead to headaches and dizziness.

Safety precautions while you are taking steroids

The researchers call on GPs to regularly monitor and help reduce cardiovascular risk for patients taking glucocorticoids, even those on low doses. Many people may be able to reduce their risk by making lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking or losing weight. The researchers assessed the cardiovascular disease risk in people with six inflammatory diseases taking lower doses of glucocorticoids.

Unlike intralipids, with which it is often combined, Prednisolone pills are cheap. Prednisolone can affect your metabolism, increase the risk of diabetes and change your bone structure. Prednisolone is a form of corticosteroid sometimes prescribed to fertility patients with recurrent miscarriage, elevated natural killer (NK) cells or implantation issues.

Types of corticosteroids

Your healthcare team may give you a small card to carry with you while you are taking steroids. This is so that anyone else treating you, such as your dentist or in an emergency, knows that you are on steroids. None of the people in the study had cardiovascular disease when they were first treated for their inflammatory disease. Deciding whether to try a fertility drug like Prednisolone isn’t easy.

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Side effects of cancer drugs

A child taking steroids is at an increased risk of infection. If they have a fever, or become unwell, contact your doctor or nurse. At your next appointment, ask your doctor or asthma nurse what your total daily dose of steroid medicine is, from your preventer medicine and any other steroid medicines you’re taking. They can let you know if you should be carrying a steroid card.

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Accidentally taking too many steroid tablets is unlikely to be harmful if it’s a one-off. It’s normally best to take steroid tablets with or soon after a meal – usually breakfast – because this can stop them irritating your stomach. They can be used to treat problems such as allergies, asthma, eczema, inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis. In 2020 alone more than 35,500 people were prescribed over three grams of prednisolone, considered a high dose.

Steroid creamsSteroid creams or gels don’t usually affect the bone, as little of the active drug is absorbed into your blood. But if you use them for a long time, or at a high dose, you might absorb more of the medication and have a higher risk of side effects. Your treatment plan is tailored specifically to you and your individual situation. Your medical team will give you advice about how and when to take your steroid medication.