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Everything solid dissolves into the air, everything sacred is savaged and man is finally forced to confront the real circumstances of his lifeand the relationships with his fellows." The great thing about online courses in history from NCC Home Learning is that learning can be adapted to your needs, and you can take your time learning at your own speed, from the comfort at your home. In the sense that Marx believes that social relationships – the ways that humans interact with one with nature and each other change constantly and driven by the fundamental economic logic of capitalism. It doesn’t matter if your passion is for private, or you’d like to create your own career from it, by taking an online history class, you’ll be on the way. This dynamic change constantly alters the production methods and, consequently, the social structure until the point at which the exploitation of relationships are exposed and susceptible to being thrown out. Learning History is a Waste of Time. Our story or history Why the history of people is so important. Writing an IELTS Band 8 essay Example.

The roots of the word history stem from a combination of two words"his" and "story‘. Some believe that learning about history is crucial and we must learn about the past to better understand the present. It is the information we receive the his-story.

Others believe that it’s unimportant and shouldn’t be taught in any way. His-story is usually the simple tale of heroes as well as brave queens and kings powerful governments, and fights that are won and lost. Examine both sides and offer your own view.

According to Tanner says, Here is an IELTS band 8 essay on this subject composed by one my students. "Studying about the past once reserved for society’s elites. If you require assistance with your IELTS essay, check out our correction of writing service. It was used for specific reasons, such as to gain the support of political regimes or to convince people to support campaigns and victories, to record military successes or to celebrate the achievements of those who were thought to be important people like Saints and Kings." The Band 8 essay example. This is especially the case in the educational system in which the dominant ideology determines the curriculum. Although some believe that studying history is vital in understanding the present, others believe that it’s an unnecessary time. It has changed in the past with the "History From Below" movement in the 1960s that promoted the history of the people.

This article supports the notion that individuals can make improvements to their future by studying the past and is in opposition to those who think that past events are not likely to repeat in the near future. We must also remember that the history of our times is often written by the winners, which means that terrorists are transformed into freedom fighters, imperialist armies promote democracy, and western-led revolutions lead to advancement. People who believe in the benefits of studying the past believe it offers opportunities to take lessons from the mistakes made. This simplistic view made of the past isn’t our reality and also conceals many sins, as Zinn states in his classic book, The Peoples History Of The United States, Every nation faced difficulties in the past. "The the history of any nation is presented as the story of a family, hides intense conflicts of interest (sometimes explosive, but usually suppressed) among conquerors as well as conquered, slaves and slaves, capitalists and laborers as well as dominators and those who are dominated by sexual and race. Sometimes, mistakes made in these situations led to disastrous results. In a world of war, a world of executioners and victims, it is the responsibility of the shrewd to, as Albert Camus suggested, not to stand in the camp that is executed." It is possible to learn from these mistakes and make better decisions should they be faced with similar situations in the future.

This is the reason why our story is so complex – the rich human history and the story of those who came from the bottom – is so important in telling the story of the ordinary people and the peasants as well as the working class: it’s the history of the people. This essay is in line with this concept, since it’s evident that virtually every developed nation puts a lot of emphasis on the past as it demonstrates that being willing to learn from the past mistakes is essential to achieving the social and economic goals. We create history. Many people believe that the past events aren’t comparable and can not be compared to actual situations. It is the people of every country who make history. People believe that the things have changed so many ways that learning about history is pointless. They are the main force behind the past.

This essay disagrees with this notion since history has been repeated repeatedly. Churchill might have been a major figure during his time during the Second World War, but the people of every country fought fascism with a heavy price to them, and played an important role in the particular battle. In the case of India, Pakistan and India suffered enormous losses during their first war against one the other, but both nations failed to learn from their mistakes, which led them to be required to fight in subsequent wars. The study of people’s histories and the radical changes within it can provide an alternative narrative/story about the past. In the end, nations can manage their present and define their future through the lessons learned from mistakes that have been made throughout historical past. When you study history and place people like us in the center of history, you can begin to understand the larger perspective. Even though the global dynamics have changed dramatically in the past the pattern of history repeats itself. "This method of writing history is in complete contrast to the methods that tend to focus on single, powerful historical figures, often known as"the great-man theory. it asserts that the primary historical event is the everyday life of everyday people as well as their social standing and occupation.

Therefore, it is always beneficial to learn from the past to anticipate similar events. These are the elements which "push as well as pull" on the opinions of others and enable the development of trends in contrast to individuals who are thought to be the most influential in introducing ideas or inciting the events." (Wikipedia People’s history) Have you completed an essay about this subject? Write it down in the comments to get an estimate of the band score for free. Consider E.P Thompson’s classic work, The Making of the English Working Class (1963).

Hi, I’m Manjusha. The book was aimed at writing about the story of the working class , but not to praise or discredit the working class, but rather to write their story in their individual terms. Here is my website, where I provide IELTS exam preparation tips.

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