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The House
of Light

Last year, during my studies on the way looking for the more deeper truth, I found Thomas Williams and Kim with the idea  „The People’s Club“ and was really surprised, because it was in many way’s similar of what was for so long time in my head. When you belief in „Source“ you know that there is no coincidence and for me it is absolut clear, with the help of the „Trust“ we can now create a „House of Light“ for the benefit for all people, all living beeing’s and our planet. Our time has come.


Instead of building my own „House of Light“ I extend my thoughts and would like to follow the idea from „The Peoples Club“ to create a world wide network to support and to teach the new way of our humanity. We can build a support team for Germany in a ‘servant leadership’ role. From a so called „Headquarter“ we can develope into country teams, than region teams up to small cities. The center will provide a starting point for people to create their own way of life and let behind the old illusion of powerleeness. All over in Germany we can find nice project but all of them are struggeling in the old system. The „House of Light“ or Headquarter as you like, will show new way of thinking and doing, will provide help on all level's also financial. Some main points will be unlearning and the new way of doing business, so called cooperative business. You have asked for our project. Here it is. Now you know, we are here and ready.

Start up for the „House of Light“

To build a new Center for our purpose will last to long and can be a project in future. So we will find a housing area or a Hotel for sale, located in natur, with good intrastructure. Near by an airport, railway station and Autobahn, so visitors and guest’s can come to us very quickly. For those who are ready to move forward, there is not only a very nice place to live and work, but also appropriate means including webinars, evening events, weekend workshops, retreats and extended courses. The House will provide healthy food an give the opportunity to inner healing on many level’s. One main point also will be to help people to reconnect with earth and with themselves, to reconnect with nature, to help others, self awarness, to drop fear, to forgive, to unlearn and to learn our true history.

The facilities will include events and video conferencing facilities for local + global discussions. There will be major training facilities to fulfill a comprehensive and substantial skills enhancement programme for all people of all skill levels.

Programme Management

Who wants to leave the waitclub and is ready to serve the people can join the team. People with differnt life experience will make „The House of Light“ going. There are leaders with skill’s to  maintain a proactive national Programme Management Office that professionally coordinates and communicates domestically and internationally, all projects, plans and progress for the country / state, incl. the new business model.

Awareness Training

„House of the Light“  will develop a range of training materials. These will be used as appropriate to spread awareness, the Background to the old system and how its harvest operation is to be reversed. For example, all Trustees will have already done their inner-work and be in service-to-others mode. The training staff will be located in the same headquarters as the Cooperative Business Hub. The aim of the training programme is to prepare the groundwork for the new system by deprogramming the worst elements of the harvesting programming. The new model will create community abundance solutions that retain more wealth in each community and localise supply chains to increase local security and prosperity.

Cooperative Business

In the „Humanity’s Business Plan Kim A. Goguen wrote under the Forword:

“Their system is breaking down. We need to have a new system. Our system needs to be better. It needs to be an inclusive, interdependent world in my opinion which means we all have a part to play and everybody touches another person’s life or another industry and everybody needs to work together“.

How the new system will work you can find the whole plan at the end, and this plan is one of the main points for the „House of the Light“

“Their system is breaking down. We need to have a new system. Our system needs to be better. It needs to be an inclusive, interdependent world in my opinion which means we all have a part to play and everybody touches another person’s life or another industry and everybody needs to work together“.

Kim A. Goguen

How to Start

To follow the new way of thinking, working and business we must come together, building teams for differnt project, so we can support each other to go in a better future. When the funds from the „Trust“ came out, we can start immediately. What we need first, shadow work is still in progress, is the location for the „House of the Light“. As mentioned above, the building with a lot of nature around can be up to 4.0 Mill. EUR. For the members we need income about 50.000 EUR for the first 3 years, before we can work indepentend. The return of value will come mostly from the „Cooperative Business“ due to funding an support. Here is not the right place to go into each detail of what is needed. But with a funding of about 5 Mill. EUR we are able to start professional for a better future for humanity, earth and nature.

Ralf Nikodemus Kliemann

The House of Light

About ten years ago , after my personal life changed completely, I began to look for the truth what was really going on with me and our sytems on this planet. The deeper my way brought me to the truth, I got very angry about what was going on. So I startet to fight against the system. With no success as you can belief. Due to this time, I learned very quickly to follow other way’s of life. After a workshop with Neal Donald Walsch, doing a lot of shadow work at this time, the idea to create a „House of Light“, in German „Haus des Lichts“, for the benefit for the people has gotten into me. With some friends we implemented a small store to give help for people which have had lost their way also. It was about healing and teaching. But time was not right and so this committment died after a couple of years.


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Address: Ralf Nikodemus Kliemann, Bliderazhofen 2, 88260 ArgenbĂŒhl – Germany

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