What to Include and What to Leave Out of Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Board meetings are an essential tool for fostering transparency, accountability, and risk-reduction. How your minutes are prepared can decide the effectiveness of your minutes. Poorly written, incorrect, or unclear minutes of a meeting could be a problem in the future if they are ever required for legal reasons. This is why it’s https://yourdataroom.com/secure-vdr-software-for-managing-deals-of-all-size/ crucial to know what needs to be included — and what’s better left out.

The date, time and location The details will ensure that the minutes provide accurate and accurately reflect the meeting. You’ll need to take note of whether the meeting was a regular, special or annual.

Include the main elements of any report that was that were presented to the board as well as any alternatives that were considered in the making of important decisions. You should also note the outcomes of the decision-making procedure, including any votes taken.

Attendance: Making the same person be the one to take minutes of each meeting, and having a backup in case they’re absent will lead to more transparent, consistent minutes. It’s also beneficial to use minutes from the past as templates so that any new minute-taker is familiar with the procedure.

Keep to the facts and not the emotional drama Avoid personal critiques, disagreements or arguments, and political commentary out of your time. Jokes, idle chats news recaps, current events, and any other non-related conversations should be omitted from the minutes, too. Also, it is important to record the revision history of the minutes to ensure that any changes are clearly stated.

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